NEGASSI is the brand of fashion designer Bisrat Negassi. Bisrat was born in Eritrea. She grew up in Germany. Worked and studied in Germany, France, USA, and is now living and working in Hamburg.

NEGASSI is transcultural fashion, a universal language inspires the creations.

All editions are manufactured in Germany. They are available at the NEGASSI Showroom in Hamburg by appointments at:
The Negassi Salon continues the idea „fashion meets music“ – The sessions started in 2013 on tour in Paris with Ayo, Gary Dourdan, Badíe, Zuzoom and others. The Salon followed up in Hamburg with Raul Midón, Okou, Astrid North, Badié, Marion Campell, Debra Shaw and Sway Clarke.

In 2016, she co-founded the Artspace M.Bassy in Hamburg. M.Bassy e.V. is an embassy, stage and open salon for encounters with contemporary artistic positions and discourses from Africa and the Diaspora.